MB Candles


Quick background story on why my family and I use these non toxic candles! My mom fought ovarian cancer for over 5 years. She fought so hard and was cancer free twice. In September, 2022.. she passed away fighting her biggest battle.  

During her time here, she switched to everything natural and wanted to find something toxic free. We searched and finally found someone who makes them and wanted to be able to share them with others who want to enjoy candles without the health risk!


*Write in notes at checkout that you would like us to deliver them to your door (delivery only available to zip codes of 75087 & 75032)

•Toxic free •Paraben free •No plasticizers •Natural soy •Made with essential oils •100% natural •Handmade •Cotton wick

Christmas Hearth: Special holiday fragrance with orange spice, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, earthy smokiness 

Volcano Capri: Tropical fruits, lemons and lime, sugared oranges, with light mountain greens 

Simply Vanilla: Rich and creamy coconut, blend of berries, soft butter and mimosa on a bed of sweet vanilla and tonka bean 

Mulled Cider: Cinnamon, clove buds, spicy apples, with base of vanilla and musk

Creme Brûlée: Scents of lightly torched sugar, hint of coconut, dash of rum elevates the vanilla and maple base  

Diva: Mid notes of lavender; woody, earthy, lily of the valley, jasmine, fruity green top notes

Blacks Sea: Masculine scent, sweet and salty oceanic, undercurrent of vanilla and amber, cardamom seed and clover leaf